Tainan Art Museum | 位於全台古蹟最密集地段的美術館



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Tainan - 400-yr city in Taiwan

After 400+ years, Tainan as an old capital of Taiwan, has finally opened its own Art Museum on Jan. 27, 2019. Located in Taiwan's highest density of heritage buildings: the Central-West District (中西區), Tainan.

Tainan Art Gallery Hall I&II
Map source: Google | Central West District (in Red), Tainan Art Museum Bldg. I&II (in Yellow)

The most well-known heritage building is the Confucius temple, and more info on its catchment area is in this travelogue 台南孔廟商圈. The Bldg. I&II of Tainan Art Museum are adjacent to both sides of the Confucius temple. All historical and art places blend together, to create a lively and amazingly pedestrian tourist area in Tainan.

Building I - Art Deco Architecture

While people start to collect art pieces and to enjoy the art galleries, society is gradually reaching the spiritual lifestyle. <