Taoist Temples' Offerings | 神明的最愛-鳳片龜


Taoist Temples in Formosa mentioned that I've liked to accompany my parents to worship the Jade Emperor is as a part of my CNY's celebrating. The year of ox we just visited there again.

I shared the previous travelogue with Richard's auntie Elaine and she commented as a British and the first time to know about Taoism.

Taoism seems to be a very comforting religion which encourages ordinary people to worship in a relaxed way. It is good that people can connect to their gods through every day objects and even special foods.

(Photo Credit | Chi Hsu)

While we walked into the temple in the morning, there were many offerings already easily set for prayers from the ordinary people. Isn't she a good observer? She never visited Taiwan but cleverly told our cultural stuff.