Vintage Style of Ceramics in Yingge, Taiwan | The Li Jin Kiln


吉客鏈:陶瓷文明 X 台灣陶瓷鎮 - 鶯歌 X 翻轉古早味 X 生活陶瓷品


Ceramic art has a long history in most developed countries. Ceramic artifacts are often the best evidences of ancient or vanished cultures. I enjoy reading the historical books and exploring the heritage sites. So it is delightful to learn more how to create a piece of ceramic art.

My Ceramics experience in 2011 and 2022

I've had two times of ceramic experiences in Tainan (2011) and Yingge【Note1】(now - March, 2022) respectively. 11 years ago I made a 'pinch pot' with clay at a local studio. Now, I am learning how to paint the under-glaze decoration from Ministry of Culture awarded - a Taiwan Crafts Workshop. After a decade, Combining these two experiences I finally understand better ceramic production, and behind it the art. 【Note2】

(Photo Credit | Chi Hsu, 2011 & 2022)

Yingge - The Ceramic Township

Yingge is characterized by the ceramic manufacturing (see the image below) and art studios. Most recently it has been through ceramic sectors such as daily tableware, bathroom fixtures, architectural bricks, industrial components, display houseware and ceramic art pieces.