Taiwan's Academy in Qing Dynasty | 鳳儀書院之科舉印象


吉客鏈:市定古蹟 X 文史導覽:科舉制度 X 書院教育


I have been fortunate to live in Oxfordshire, the UK and Boston, the US. I have had the opportunities to visit the best universities in the world, Oxford, Harvard and M.I.T.. I appreciated the distinguished institutions that inspire many intellectual people to become the influential scholars, entrepreneurs and politicians.

During 2020 - 2021, the years of pandemic, I stayed in Taiwan, the safest place in the world. While many places had lockdown over Christmas and New Year holidays, I commuted freely, with wearing the mask, to town to attend a local tour of Fongyi Academy in Kaohsiung. In the past, this academy educated the brightest young people who wanted to go to the Forbidden City to take the Chinese Imperial civil service examination.

Fongyi Academy (Note 1)

In Imperial China time, the civil service exam was used to select candidates for the state bureaucracy. I was interested to know more about Fongyi Academy because it was a part of Imperial Examination (科舉 Kējǔ)system.

I had also heard that Fongyi Academy is well-preserved and largest area covered in Taiwan.

(Photo Credit | Carol Hsu)