Taoist Temples in Formosa | 你家大門附近的廟


吉客鏈:道教信仰 X 寺廟文化 X 吉客台灣


People's belief systems are influenced by religions. The main religions in the world are Judaism, Christianity (Christianity, Catholicism, Orthodox and Protestant), Brahmanism, Islam, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism and Shinto.

During this pandemic I stayed in Taiwan, which was called 'Formosa' in the Age of Navigation by Portugal, and learned more local history and visited old areas. Temples are always there.

One time, I took my 10-year-old nephew to Taipei's Confucius Temple and he said: The old street was formed initially because a temple was built there. Whoa! Seems like he is a good student on the culture subject at school.

What kind of the temple? Taoism

The more temples I see, the more questions I have. By searching google, I realized that the major religion in Formosa is Taoism (Note 1).so most of temples are Taoist.

I'm also found a 'business chart' (Note 2) with a clear explanation of the polytheist structure of Taoist gods and goddesses. Could you believe how many deities we have here? Temple services and activities are becoming the significant culture reference point and now a unique tourist attraction in Taiwan.

The Fourth Place in Daily Life

In Taiwan, the temple seems to become the fourth place to visit by local people after home, office (school) and leisure/shopping center. For me, not so often! But every now and then.

(From the chart at Note 2) God as CEO - the Jade Emperor