Oriental Pearl


11 years ago

It was likely the first time I saw 'Oriental Pearl' in front of me 11 years ago. Vaguely remembered it was an exciting experience to take an alley's walk along the Bund.

At that time, I was young and willing to take all of adventures for a new business. The smile was sweet and charming to embrace the opportunities in Taipei.

3 years ago

It was the first time I walked some alleys in Pudong, alone; and 'Oriental Pearl' pronounced in front of me 3 years ago. It was a bit alike ascetic, seeking for no desire just peace.

At that time, I was into mid-age and had run a small business for 8 years, yet, faced a big challenge in Taipei. Taken a walk under 12 degree in Pudong, chilly and windy, with a mind of survival. The smile was bitter but pleased to see any opportunity I could have.

City's landmark