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Oriental Pearl


11 years ago

It was likely the first time I saw 'Oriental Pearl' in front of me 11 years ago. Vaguely remembered it was an exciting experience to take an alley's walk along the Bund.

At that time, I was young and willing to take all of adventures for a new business. The smile was sweet and charming to embrace the opportunities in Taipei.

3 years ago

It was the first time I walked some alleys in Pudong, alone; and 'Oriental Pearl' pronounced in front of me 3 years ago. It was a bit alike ascetic, seeking for no desire just peace.

At that time, I was into mid-age and had run a small business for 8 years, yet, faced a big challenge in Taipei. Taken a walk under 12 degree in Pudong, chilly and windy, with a mind of survival. The smile was bitter but pleased to see any opportunity I could have.

City's landmark

Shanghai, in recent 10 years, the so-called 'Oriental Pearl' indeed; becoming one of mega cities in the world. Tokyo, in recent 10 years, is under recession but still so-called the most livable and mega city in the world. Taipei, in recent 10 years, looks for burst economies; Taipei 101, was the tallest building in the world until 2010.

As myself, in recent 10 years, undertakes a small business and walked around these 3 significant landmarks, Oriental Pearl, Tokyo Tower and Taipei 101 from year to year. Lucky enough, my small business is still ongoing and life still being capable to walk around the alleys along these landmarks and more upcoming.

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