Historical Feng-sui Village | Chengkan, Huangshan City


Huangshan, literally means Yellow mountain, named by the mountain of Yellow Emperor, where is always on my traveling wish list. Among wonder places in the world, Huangshan definitely counts as one of those on my list. Mainly I am eager to see the authentic scene of traditional Chinese landscape painting formed.

(Photo source | left: photography by Clare's friend, right: painting from google image.)

Early March, I was nearly to make my dream true. Almost there but seeing more historical scenes instead of hiking to Huangshan. Huangshan itself, waits until near future. Visited one of historical spots, which was a feng-sui village, "Chengkan" where is underneath the south of Huangshan (Yellow Mountain).

(Photo source | google image)

Historical Feng-sui Village underneath Huangshan range