Intangible Cultural Heritage | Snuff Bottle, Tianjin


Tianjin Intangible Cultural Heritage Experiential Base

This exhibition and experiential base is located at Tianjin airport, domestic terminal. While traveling among airports, where are offering various range of catering, shopping and relaxing services but rarely to see an 'intangible cultural heritage base'. It must mean something! Curiously, should worth seeing.

(Photo credit | Chi Hsu)

Chinese-style Retail Innovation

I always read some articles or news in the morning. A few days ago, I read an article addressed "The innovation of time-honored brands in China" from WeChat's subscription (Title in Chinese: 老字號煥新生,看看百年老店們怎麼玩出時髦?). Those new look of old brands looked fantastic and indeed increased my desire to go shopping.

Review it again, I heard of 1 or 2 brands from my dad, whom is Tianjin-root, but no idea about most of those. Yet, according to the article, Chinese time-honored brands' innovation is surely ongoing in terms of physical retail store!