• Chi Hsu

【吉客沙龍】Wellness Lifestyle | Hiking & Vegetarian Banquet on Mt. Yangmin


Wellness lifestyle in Taiwan and England

England is the region where I have lived the longest outside my motherland Taiwan. I notice two things they have in common, one is that people have a vegetarian lifestyle in both regions. The other one is that people like to go hiking (walking) at the weekend.

Middle-class Conversazione

I am pretty sure that these are common hobbies following a conversazione with my accountant, Ms. Maria Lai. I have counted on her professional advice since I started my own business a decade ago. Lately, I have shared some Taiwan themed travelogues with her. She liked Keelung Candy and Keelung Talk a lot, as she also grew up from Keelung. We talk like friends because of our shared local connections. Recently, I invited her to have a coffee and we had a delightful conversation about her wellness and hiking lifestyle in Taipei. These activities are also highly recommended to tourists in Taipei.

(Photo Credit | Chi Hsu)

Wellness lifestyle on high mountains

One of Maria's wellness hobbies is to go hiking, with her husband. The same as Richard and I did on weekends in Oxfordshire although we walked on hills rather than the mountains as