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【吉客沙龍】An Amazing Way to Explore Taiwan | A Cycling Conversazione


吉客鏈:2021 自行車年 X 騎車環島看台灣 X 亞洲自行車首善之國


I am a data analyst and also a traveloguer. Recently, I was excited to discover some data on UK tourists inbound to Taiwan. There seemed that mid-aged males were the significant group who traveled to Taiwan in spring and autumn time. (See the analytics blog.)

I facetimed Richard and shared my findings. We had a big guess about it - these people came to explore Taiwan by attending sports campaign, such as: cycling, marathon or hiking etc..

Cycling to Bath, the UK

We could sense it because we loved to cycle along the beautiful paths whilst we lived in the UK. Once upon an autumn time, we cycled to Bath on a bright day and enjoyed the natural path and scenery very much.

(Photo Credit | Chi Hsu - Cycling to Bath)

A Cycling Conversazione

Last autumn, I was delighted to have a cycling conversazione with Carol nearby the Lotus Pond in Kaohsiung. I first met Carol when on a Kaohsiung Tenement Tour two years ago. She was the manager of the organiser - KHS Old House Assn. and still on the duty. She is an enthusiastic cyclist and always ride her bike to a scenic destinations in her leisure time.

Carol told me that the Taiwan Tourism Bureau set the year of 2021 theme as "Cycling in Taiwan". I am not surprised given the inbound tourist data but I was sorry about this amazing program was caught by the pandemic. Hopefully, if the public sector could promote it again after the border re-opens.

(Photo Credit | Carol Hsu)

I also found the official website "Taiwan on 2 wheels" which indicated Cycling route on No. 1 12 routes have been recommended. I browsed a blog of "Is Taiwan the Cycling Capital of Asia?" It mentioned,

Taiwan looks as if it were designed as a paradise for cyclists. Offering unparalleled scenery, challenging terrain, and amenities for weary riders, the island nation draws more and more visitors from across the globe each year.

Cycling Trip @ Dapeng Bay National Scenic Park

Carol lives in Kaohsiung so she shared the route of Kaohsiung - Checheng (route #7) with me. Donggang is highly recommended to experience its local vibe.

The red circle pointed the Dapeng Bay National Scenic Park where you can see the images below, Carol led the riders ahead on the road and around the bayside bike lane. The energetic lady is fond with the old house slow mode as well as the riding speed.

(Photo Credit | Carol Hsu)

As for the outdoor lads, the Dapeng Bay is a must visit. Not only the pleasant cycling route, but also the lively festivals across the year. The Marine Festivel and Tuna Cultural Festival will take place in the spring time. The Wangye Worshipping Ceremony will be in the autumn time. These wait for you to explore the local culture after cycling.

Cycling Trip between Twin Ancient Cities

Alternatively, stay in town, there are always some friendly rent bicycle spots and the city's riverfront, old district or greenery belt bike lanes are ready to ride.

In the ancient time of Kaohsiung, there were the twin walled cities which are now linked by a greenery belt bike route - Twin Cities Ancient Trail. The starting point is not far from Carol's office where she always parks her bike and motorbike.

As an old town activated promoter, Carol had planned a cycling tour package with guide along the Twin Cities Ancient Trail. These passed by the must see pagados and the old walled city, all the way across to the other side of Kaohsiung.

(Photo Credit | Carol Hsu)

The Cycling Capital of Asia

From the coastal views to the intense climbs and the world-class events, Taiwan is the ultimate cycling destination you have probably never considered. The 12 routes around Taiwan by 12D11N, or ride partially, are the mission possible as long as the service van with driver and guide aside for you.

(Photo Credit | Carol Hsu)

A well equipped cycling tour is very friendly and easy to pre-order. With 7 riders and one van you can be ready to go. Carol and I have no doubt that the cycling capital of Asia is "Taiwan".

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