A Bookstore Transformer | Zhongshi Guei。Shanghai


吉客鏈:英式花園社區 X 上海書香社交


A Bookstore Journey

I was in Shanghai but not anywhere in the UK. The residential area called 'Thames Town', is an England themed, high-end development of terraced houses in the suburbs of Shanghai.

(Photo Credit | Chi Hsu & Anne, Yeh Zhou)

Anne is a Shanghainese lady and she is always being my local guide in Shanghai. On 23rd April, 2016, I said I wanted to see the recently opened bookstore which called 鍾書閣(Zhongshi Guei) and shortly after we were there!

(Photo Credit | Chi Hsu)

A British Serendipity

This summer, there was a CCTV's documentary called "The Bund" filmed.

Episode 3 introduced the earliest publishing studio (to print the Bible in Chinese) in Shanghai. It was established by a British commissioner, Walter Henry Medhurst, who also founded the London Missionary Society Press (墨海書館) together with William Muirhead and