• Chi Hsu

Browsing in the Garden District | 花園般的眷村


吉客鏈:獨棟花園式宅邸 X 非竹籬笆傳統眷村

X 大江南北的眷村美食


It is a pleasant neighborhood in a city, in which housing and open spaces are green and people friendly. I have two places in mind where behold beautiful detached houses with gardens. One is in the Garden District of New Orleans and the other one is in the Ming-De & Chien-Ye veterans' villages of Tsoying, Kaohsiung.

Mansions in New Orleans

We have all experienced the lockdown mode of the world in 2020. But the New Year of 2020, Richard and I were in New Orleans, and had some of very fresh and laid back days. It was the precious memory of this year!

We had an half day walking in the garden district (note 1), and browsed some of the beautiful mansions (Images below).

(Photo Credit | Chi Hsu)

It recalled the memories of my teenager time - every Sunday morning, I cycled to an art studio to learn Chinese calligraphy and the pleasure of cycling was to browse some beautiful detached houses and their gardens in the village.

Veterans Village across taiwan

Across Taiwan, there were 886 veterans' villages which were built in 1940s - 50s. The living environment and lifestyle became a unique style of community. Most of those villages were simply built along the military facilities and bases for soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines from mainland China in 1949 onwards.

Of the 886 villages (see the left map below), there are only 13 being preserved (see the right map below). Others had demolished or await to take down for other real estate developments. 1 of 13 villages preserved is the one I mentioned - Ming-De & Chien-Ye veterans' village.