In Memory of Yoshi (1964 - 2020)


In Japan last year I visited Tsutaya Electrics with Richard. Yoshi recommended the store having noticed that I often went to Tsutaya Books. He had a great sense of style and an amazing taste in people and place. I always visited some shops on my Tokyo trips recommended by Yoshi.

A Very Unique Business Model

I met Yoshi (people formally called him "Fukushima-san") in 2005 and joined with him to head up RCT Japan's overseas expansion plans in Taiwan.

Yoshi explained his experience of cross border working at our first meeting in a Japanese restaurant in Taipei 101. He said like US people have their cowboy spirit, UK people have their knightly spirit and Japanese people have the samurai spirit. He recommended me to learn some of samurai's modern spirit although he also respected Chinese Confucius spirits.

I bought a samurai book after the dinner with Yoshi. At that time, I had to decide whether to establish a representative office and take charge of all local legal and business responsibilities instead of looking for a local company job.

My first impression of Yoshi who was a thought leader, an out of box creator and a doer. Three week later, his capital was remitted into a company bank account. He was the man made me an independent entrepreneur when I had no idea what it was. Yoshi also decided the company should be titled "禮商" by joint the spirit of samurai and Confucius - propriety, justice, honesty and honor (禮義廉恥).

15 years flew past. The business network changed but the company's spirit of propriety, justice, honesty and honor has never changed.

Jan 25th, 2007 - Yoshi and I attended a workshop at JCSC annual conference.

An Outstanding Individual