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Loop Taiwan by Train | The Best Way to Explore for a Week Holiday


After Landing

From the US I flew into Taipei. After arriving in Taiwan I immediately hopped on the high speed rail towards Kenting; take the train to Kaohsiung City (with the KLOOK pass (

(Photo Credit | #iChicPlaces )

From the station in Kaohsiung City I took a Taxi (red circle spot) to Hengchun/Kenting. Note that English is less spoken in this southern area but Kenting is a popular destination that all taxi drivers will know.

(Source | Railway Station)


Kenting national park is a somewhat tropical beach and nature park that occupies the very southern tip of Taiwan. A nice place to relax, get in some beach time and walking in the forests, also a popular tourist destination of many Taiwanese.

(Photo Credit | Joost)


In Kenting I stayed in old town Hengchun - an interesting small historical city that has some old walls as markers of its colonial days. A very affordable place where I also rented a scooter to drive to explore the southern coast.

(Photo Credit | Joost, #iChicPlaces )


The next stop was Hualien - I took the TRA train to Hualien Station ( - with KLOOK pass again providing some discount). This train ride is slower than the highspeed rail but it traverses a beautiful mountain area before arriving on the east coast of Taiwan.

Hualien is the ultimate outdoor destination on the east coast (and one of the best in the country) - close to the famous Taroko gorge, harboring a mountain range very close to the ocean.

(Photo Credit | #iChicPlaces - Facing to the Pacific Ocean)

Taroko Gorge


In the Taroko gorge I hiked Hike Zhuilu old trail - a small trail carved out of the side cliff of the gorge with dramatic, beautiful views of the canyon (it does have a steep drop-off into the gorge!)

(Photo Credit | Joost)

The Zhuilu old trail was originally used by Japanes as a worked road for local natives to enable the construction of the larger roads through the canyon.

(Photo Credit | Joost)


Another great activity in the Hualien area I did was a canyoning trip; with 2 guides hiking up a mountain and then abseiling through a waterstream and several waterfalls.

(Photo Credit | Joost)

Hualien City

In Hualien city I enjoyed the night market for different kinds of food, as well as the park east of the night market (towards the beach) which had some cool light effects.

(Photo Credit | Joost)


From Hualien I took the train to back to Taipei, completing my week-long circle around the island. I spent a few days in Taipei where I enjoyed all kinds of local foods, as well as a local (very strong!) massage.

I also visited the highly recommended national palace museum with its unique exhibition of art/treasures that narrates the history of China through the ages.

(Photo Credit | Joost)

And I went up Taipei 101 which provided a unique experience of modern architecture, and a beautiful view of Taipei and its surroundings.

(Photo Credit | Joost)

The Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall was a beautiful place to walk around and experience some more recent Taiwainese history.

(Photo Credit | Joost)

Souvenir Back Home

In downtown Taipei, I found the national cultural gift center a nice place for Taiwan gift shopping.


【City Mapping】Taipei (High Speed Rail) - Kaohsiung (Taxi) - Hengchun (Kenting) (Local Train) - Hualien (Local Train) - Taipei

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