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Old City New Industry - Hsinchu, Taiwan


吉客鏈:新竹歷史古城 X 半導體新科技 X 寶可夢之旅


Yesterday (10th October) was Taiwan's national day so it was delightful to have a family trip. Hsinchu is the city where the semiconductor industry is located. TSMC, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company's, global headquarter is located in Hsinchu Science Park. I was proud to let little ones knowing more about it.

(Photo Credit | Chi Hsu, Ling Hsu)

Old City

Historically, Hsinchu was developed by the settlement of Han people from Qing China from 1733 onwards. During both the Japanese colonial era and the earlier years of R.O.C., Hsinchu was a major air force base.

If you come from the overseas to visit Hsinchu Science Park, it is worth spending a half day to browse the historical town of the city to sense its vibe. I had a walking tour in September, and am happy to share some images.

(Photo Credit | Chi Hsu - Left image is the East Gate of Old Walled City, Middle image is the Railway station since Japan era, Right image is the Veterans Village Gallery.)

The old walled cityscape hasn't changed much and the city centre's focal point remains the Hsinchu Chenghuang Temple, around the old street houses, food and shops are well preserved. It's fascinating to walk in along the moat and get lost a bit. Feel free to ask people and have a lively chat.

(Photo Credit | Chi Hsu)

New Industry

After 288 years' of quiet development, Hsinchu has caught the global spotlight in the last few decades because of the semiconductor sector. In particular the Integrated Circuit (IC) design industry. Remember during this pandemic period, global manufacturing industry was hit by lack of 'chips' normally supplied by Taiwan.

I'm not a tech person althgouh I am the smart user of many electrical gadgets. But, my brother, my bro-in-law and some talented friends who graduated in Hsinchu's universities, and all work in Hsinchu Science Park.

(Photo Credit | Chi Hsu, Ling Hsu - Left image: the main entrance of Hsinchu Science Park, Right image: one of universities - used called Chiao Tung University.)

IC design is a knowledge-economy industry and the key formula to success is the integration of talent, strategies and products.

(Source: Nature Electronics, April 2021)

Modern Hsinchu was created as to make a successful formula for IC design industry. Nearly 400 high-tech companies are housed here and contributed 14% of GDP in 2020. Approx. 120,000 engineers in total so an engineer carried 7 millions GDP.

Forty years ago: what an amazing vision to build up this park and the semiconductor industry! Slickl-infrastructure and a very green environment impressed us as well as the huge foundries of TSMC.

(Photo Credit | Chi Hsu)

After an educational ride and chat in the car, we also stopped by a lake to catch some Pokemon for little one's memory. I accompanied Albert to catch my Pokemon. A funky way to check-in Hsinchu Science Park. (The Pokemon game, on Albert's phone tells you where to catch the monsters.) There were 100 and more in Hsinchu Science Park.

(Photo Credit | Ling Hsu)

Previous Hsinchu Family Trips

(Photo Credit | Chi Hsu)

Hsinchu is one of cities I have some nice personal memories of time with my dad. My dad accompanied me to attend the entrance exam to art college at my age of 16. We had a leisure time at Hsinchu Zoo where became the impression of Hsinchu that I had for many years. I didn't go to art college there, but the memory remains.

I took the little Albert to visit the Hsinchu Zoo at his age of 7. Very pleasant time there.

Hsinchu memory is being passed to the next generation by one after another family trip. Perhaps the Pokemon master Albert will catch not only monsters but also some IC market share as a start-ups entrepreneur in the future. Wait and see the more Hsinchu trips to come!

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