• Chi Hsu

Old City New Industry - Hsinchu, Taiwan


吉客鏈:新竹歷史古城 X 半導體新科技 X 寶可夢之旅


Yesterday (10th October) was Taiwan's national day so it was delightful to have a family trip. Hsinchu is the city where the semiconductor industry is located. TSMC, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company's, global headquarter is located in Hsinchu Science Park. I was proud to let little ones knowing more about it.

(Photo Credit | Chi Hsu, Ling Hsu)

Old City

Historically, Hsinchu was developed by the settlement of Han people from Qing China from 1733 onwards. During both the Japanese colonial era and the earlier years of R.O.C., Hsinchu was a major air force base.