Why Shanghai? | About the Bund


Why Shanghai?!

I have visited Shanghai many times and have also been to the Bund, Shanghai's must-see attraction, a couple of times. Apart from my first visit to the Bund, the others were to accompany my friends on their first visits to the city. I am fond of those exotic building clusters along the western bank of the Huangpu River. I did wonder about 'why (these spectacular buildings were in) Shanghai?' when I stood in the crowd on the Bund. I never tried hard enough to figure out until Jaden, 18-yr-old young American, asked me at his first China (Asian) trip in June, we met up in Huangshan (see selfie photo in right).

I have remembered some random events of Qing's history from school time, which was a harsh era of war after war. My brain was selectively rather getting rid of it after passed my 'history's exam.. Yet, as an Asian friend (an age of auntie) of Jaden, I am very delighted to have a conversazione with him, i.e. a bit story-tell, a bit fact-research as well as culture-explore.

Walk my talk, here you go, some of my story written below for Jaden (he is now in Utah.) :

Gown of Qing Dynasty

Few years ago, my first time to visit Richard's parents house in Gosport, southern coastal town of England, his mother went to upstairs, into her work studio, opened one of drawers of cabinet, brought this delicate sewing-craft Qing dynasty's gown off to me. I tried on and fitted perfectly. The gown was packed back from Shanghai by Richard's great uncle John for his grandma's souvenir. Great uncle John was a royal navy, based in Shanghai at that time, approx. in 1930s, Richard said.