Old FongShan City - Lotus Pond | 左營舊城蓮潭散步


Time flies. This collage photo comprises the age 5-year and 50-year-old of me at Lotus Pond. The Lotus Pond was the playground and backyard garden of my childhood. The Lotus Pond is also one of the best known attractions in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. A long time ago, before the port city of Kaohsiung came into being the Lotus Pond belonged the city called (Old) FengSan.

(Photo Credit | Dad Hsu - 5-year-old of me, Chi Hsu - others)

Lotus Pond | Well-known attraction in Taiwan

Around the Lotus Pond, local people and overseas tourists come to see pagodas and temples, such as the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas, and the Spring and Autumn Pavilions.

Richard visited Lotus Pond during the Rooster's Chinese New Year (in 2017). He woke up early because of jet lag and had power-walk along the pedestrian circuit of the Lotus Pond. He took his camera to snap the exotic scenery (for him) and told me how impressive they were. (Though I treated them as ordinary subjects.)