Old FongShan City - The First Stone Walled City in Taiwan | 左營舊城的「舊城」


Old FongShan City - Lotus Pond to be continued | Stone Walled City

Charming! Inspiring!

I love to visit to a historical site and to see a walled city if any. Two words for the impressions of walled city: "Charming" and "Inspiring".

My favorite walled cities are Chester City Wall [1] and Fukuoka Castle [2]. London's Roman wall and Xian's city wall are both the greatest heritage sites I have seen. I want to travelogue about Chester and Fukuoka for Tsoying's stone walled city as a reference. Why? It's an instinct of my real estate study and cross-border traveling.

For more introduction refer to footnote [1] and [2]. I visited both sites in 2015. I loved the way of their walls have become part of current cityscape.

Two snaps below show Chester walled city: ( Upper: the walled city is far end of high street with o'clock tower.)