• Chi Hsu

【吉客沙龍】Top 100 Peaks in Taiwan | Floral Season on Mt. HeHuan


Topic of Mt. HeHuan

Sunny and I were classmates at junior high school. We caught up again on Facebook last August. After reunion, our first topic was to the East Peak of Mt. HeHuan. Richard and I did our first Taiwan hiking there.

The beauty of Taiwan's Top 100 mountains is becoming well known. Sunny and her husband have worked and lived in China for over 20 years. They love hiking. Since they returned to Taiwan, they have been many trails in recent years.

(Sunny - right one, and I, our school time and reunion photo. Also, we both hiked to the east peak of Mt. Hehuan)

Reunion style of Conversazione

I invited Sunny to my office on 28th August, and we had a delightful conversazione that lasted the whole afternoon.